Inside the Goal: A Conversation with Mike Weaver of CoachThem and Dean Linke, Host of United Soccer Coaches Podcast | CoachThem

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Inside the Goal: A Conversation with Mike Weaver of CoachThem and Dean Linke, Host of United Soccer Coaches Podcast

Inside the Goal: A Conversation with Mike Weaver of CoachThem and Dean Linke, Host of United Soccer Coaches Podcast

As part of our ongoing effort to expand our sports coverage, we’re thrilled to keep bringing one of the world’s most popular sports to our audience: CoachThem Soccer!

Mike Weaver, CEO and Co-Founder of CoachThem, sat down for an interview with Dean Linke, a seasoned sports broadcaster and host of the United Soccer Coaches Podcast.

Linke, a veteran sports broadcaster with over 28 years of experience, began his career as the original voice of the Major League Soccer’s Colorado Rapids in 1996. He transitioned from a broadcasting major to public relations at Ohio Universitiy’s Scripps School of Journalism, eventually becoming the Director of Communications for Major League Soccer.

Linke’s broadcasting portfolio includes being the TV voice for the Carolina Courage teams, North Carolina FC, and various sports on the Big Ten network for over 18 years, as well as hosting multiple podcasts. A truly respected figure in the sports media industry.



In the recent episode of Linke’s podcast, Weaver shared his background in the world of sports, diving into his career in hockey, offering listeners a glimpse into his journey and experiences in the sports industry. They also talked about the significance of soccer’s presence on CoachThem, which was launched a few months ago, highlighting its growing popularity.



Weaver emphasized the critical nature of staying organized in sports, especially regarding drill and practice planning, which can be time consuming. He discusses the importance of being able to see practice plans well in advance and share them with coaches and players, which is exactly what our platform facilitates.



This podcast serves as a good resource for those looking to learn more about Weaver and gain insights into sports organization. As we continue on the journey of growing our soccer offerings on CoachThem, we’re proud to collaborate with these individuals who share our enthusiasm for sports and our commitment to delivering positive, user-friendly experiences.

With separate accounts dedicated to our soccer audience, you can stay up to date and engaged by following us on Instagram! Each drill we post there is available on our platform with video once you sign up! 


April 18, 2024

Blog by Kelsey Dold in collaboration with a podcast by Dean Linke, United Soccer Coaches Podcast


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