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Sketchpad Core Buttons

Here are the core buttons. In mobile devices we have the Vertical Ellipsis (yes I had to look up the name of it!) which is our overflow icon. No space then out comes Ellipsis!

  • Save - The old floppy drive! You know what this does.
  • Print - If you feel the need. I bring my phone out to the bench. Disclosure... make sure you let your parents know that you aren't checking Twitter!
  • Share - Share to your Group, Coach or Association. All coaches copy each other anyways!
  • Drill Shared With - Had to think hard about the title of this one!
  • Archive - Updating a drill is exciting but sometimes after saving it you wished you had the option of version history. Well this is it! Archives are available for 7 days from the time of the change.
  • Delete - Deleting the drill throws it into the trash bin. Make sure you take the trash out once in a while.
  • New Drill - Love starting a new drill but before we do that let's double check you saved your current drill... hence the popup reminder!


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