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Can I share a drill or plan?

In creating CoachThem, we wanted to make it easy to plan for practice and get everyone on board.

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Folders - Clicking on the Arrow you can share entire folders. 

Drills - When you have the perfect drill loaded that you want to share it's easy. Click the Arrow button and share away.

**Sharing only works for PRO and Trial Version.


Sharing with Coaches

  • Your Team on CoachThem - Just say three coaches on your team at $60 per coach. $180 for a year, that's $12 per parent, per year (based on a team of 15). Go to the Drills page. In the right Drills column, beside the Shared header there is a + icon. Select the + to start.
  • CoachThem Association - $100 per year, per team, $6.67 per parent. Includes three coaches and the association adds it to your team dues. If you would like this option, please provide us with someone in the association who would be the decision maker. We will take it from there. If you signed up for CoachThem PRO and your Association signs up, don't worry. We will refund your PRO purchase.
  • CoachThem PRO (Individual Account) - For sharing with your Team just using a Pro account can be done. Create a Plan, select print and from there should have an option to export as a PDF. Manually email your team. This option is not the best because CoachThem was designed to eliminate paper, simplify your planning and streamline your practices.

The first options would allow your coaches to create a plan and share it inside of CoachThem, plus refer on their smartphones while on during practice. They will have everything setup while you are discussing the next drill. 

At this time, we don't have support for players on the platform.


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CoachThem Association

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