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How do I add a coach to my team?

Adding coaches to your team is simple!

Association Subscriptions:

1. Visit your Account page and select your Association on the left of your page.

2. Within the Manage tab, click the + button and add each coach via email address.

3. Select team from dropdown and click Add Coach.

4. Click Update to finalize your changes and send the email invitations.

Note: Each team is allocated allocated 4 coach accounts - meaning that everyone can draw, plan and share through the site!

Pro Subscriptions

1. Visit the Drills page and click your Team folder.

2. Under your team, click the edit Pencil button to the right of your team name.

3. Use the Invite tab to add your coaches email addresses and send the invitations.


For more information on how you can share with your team folder, view our sharing features HERE. 


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