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Elevate Your Game: Power Play Practice Techniques

Elevate Your Game: Power Play Practice Techniques

When creating your practice focused on your powerplay, there are numerous skill sets you need to learn. These critical areas of emphasis include puck possession, timing, shot selection, off-the-puck movement, swift puck circulation and precision in shooting.

Below are 4 drills designed to prepare your players, each concentrating on a specific skill crucial for an effective power play.

1. Seam Strike Drill


Here's a dynamic power play drill designed to hone a crucial skill adaptable across all power play strategies. Exploiting seams is a valuable skill that opens up prime scoring areas.


2. Precise Circle Passing Warm-Up 


Unlocking scoring chances hinges on capitalizing on the 2 vs 1 scenario. This passing drill, while straightforward, ingrains the essence of 2 vs 1 dynamics. The emphasis lies on precise passes, calling for the puck, and quick circulation.

3. Split Passing 4 vs 2 Challenge


This drill focuses on refining power play and penalty kill tactics in a compact space, fostering skill development and competition. Constant movement without the puck is crucial for perimeter players, creating passing lanes and scoring opportunities.


4. Power Play Breakout Weave 


Diving into in-zone skills with the first two hockey drills, let's now delve into a breakout exercise emphasizing timing and synchronized movement up the ice. Success in this drill hinges on players' abilities to maintain puck support, execute precise passes, and stay in sync with the play's progression.

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Written by CoachThem Team 

February 15, 2024



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