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Kickstart Fun: Top 5 U8 Soccer Drills

Kickstart Fun: Top 5 U8 Soccer Drills

Today’s blog features soccer drills that kids under 8 will enjoy and get excited about. These drills are perfect for beginners and will help keep kids engaged and excited about the practice! It's super important for coaches to make practices fun for these young players, which is why we've put together 5 drills that U8 coaches can easily add to their plans.

Did we mention that all of these soccer drills are available in our Marketplace for free? Each drill also has a detailed description within our Marketplace, and you can save them to your own library of drills. 

These drills cover important skills for U8 players like dribbling, playing small games, controlling the ball, making decisions, and most importantly, learning to love the game. Here are the top 5 drills:


1. Bulldog Chase


The basic version of this drill is played without soccer balls. For the typical U8 player, incorporating a soccer ball into this drill is beneficial as it maximizes their involvement and ball touches during practice.


2. Freeze Chase


Never overlook the importance of a classic round of Freeze Tag. This soccer game is consistently liked by young players, offering both enjoyment and physical benefits. The aim is for the "it" players to tag all others, freezing them simultaneously. Players strive to prolong the game for as long as they can. Variations can incorporate soccer balls as well!

3. Organized Chaos


Here's another enjoyable soccer drill, perfect for refining kicking skills. This drill provides ample opportunities for players to practice their kicks within the game's boundaries. Since honesty is integral to the game, it presents an excellent opportunity to discuss values such as honesty, responsibility, and accountability with the team.

4. Goal Galore


This drill offers more than just enjoyment; it enhances ball control and kicking skills while also igniting players' enthusiasm for scoring goals.

5. Bucket Fill-Up


Whenever a race or competition element is introduced into a drill, children's excitement for it skyrockets. This drill not only injects a competitive edge but also serves as an excellent soccer dribbling exercise. The objective is for each team to successfully place all their soccer balls into the designated "bucket" and return all players to the end lines.

In conclusion, by using fun and engaging soccer drills for U8 players, coaches can develop skills and ignite a love for the game. These drills teach important values while creating an enjoyable learning environment, inspiring young athletes to reach their potential and love the sport. Coaches, make sure to follow our CoachThem Soccer Instagram account as we post drills with video twice a day! 

Written by CoachThem Team 

March 8, 2024


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