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Cracking the Code to Olympic Gold with Kori Cheverie

Cracking the Code to Olympic Gold with Kori Cheverie

CoachThem Empowered: The Virtual Coaching Formula for Success


We interviewed Kori Cheverie, current Head Coach of the PWHL Montreal hockey team, about her past experience leading the Canadian national team to gold at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Despite challenges preventing a physical presence, CoachThem played a pivotal role, providing convenience and enabling virtual coaching. Cheverie’s journey exemplifies the successful integration of coaching through tech, showcasing how CoachThem contributed to strategic planning and effective communication.


Q: How did CoachThem simplify the planning process and improve collaboration for your coaching staff?

A: Our lives as coaches are a lot easier to plan practice and make them efficient. Having it electronic was perfect because now coaches are able to do work from home and not have to stay at the rink for multiple hours in order to plan a practice. It allowed us more freedom and better collaboration, being able to put our own drills and thoughts without taking the time having to draw all the drills by hand. CoachThem was a big part of our daily training environment, a great way to display our practice plans for our players, and get them prepared as well.

Q: Can you share your experience leading up to the Olympic Games and how CoachThem played a role when you couldn’t physically be there?

A: I wasn’t able to get to the Olympics because I had gotten Covid a week before we were supposed to leave. My role shifted to a virtual one, still helping with the PK, being present at all team meetings, and really just being a virtual eye in the sky for our coaches from my living room in Nova Scotia. CoachThem allowed me to participate in all the daily preparation at the Olympics. I could input my own drills, give feedback on the drills selected for practices, and because we had done so much virtually through the Covid period, it was a seamless transition to be a virtual coach. It wasn’t ideal, but it was the next best scenario given the circumstances.



"Using CoachThem since the 2020 era completely changed how we prepared

for practice. The time saved in planning practice and the seamless transition

to a virtual setting during the Olympics were invaluable."

-Says Kori 



Q: Reflecting on the moment you led your team to a gold medal, can you share your emotions and the experience of being a virtual part of that celebration?

A: It was pretty exciting, being able to watch it from afar and knowing how much preparation went into those games was obviously an emotional time. The girls called me from the ice over FaceTime, and I tell them to this day that that was my Olympic moment. That was pretty special for me, receiving a FaceTime call while watching it live on TV. It was a unique way to be virtually present in that celebration, and they made sure to include me in that moment.


Q: How did CoachThem facilitate communication among your coaching staff, support staff, and players during the games?

A: CoachThem was really helpful in clearly defining drills through titles and easily expanding and collapsing all the drills in the plan. Conversations before planning were important to solidify themes as a coaching staff. It made it easy to see the big picture once all the drills were in there. Our team did well in terms of organization, and CoachThem played a significant role. Being able to access practice plans and organize them in the platform made the job extremely easy for us in terms of team organization.


Q: Walk us through your weekly practice planning process using CoachThem.

A: Coaches discuss the themes for the entire week, and then the head coach builds out the ‘practice shell’. This ‘shell’ is easily accessible to assistant coaches, who then add their own drills from the drill bank. We plan 90 to 120 minutes of drills, then narrow it down based on the available practice time. It’s a collaborative process with a shared practice plan, and CoachThem streamlines the entire process.

Q: In terms of player development, how has CoachThem contributed to individual growth and skill development?

A: CoachThem is useful for skills coaches, allowing them to add intricacies to drills and attach videos for players to understand the drill’s details. The platform brings different coaching styles together, benefiting everyone. Tracking player development, whether it’s skating, passing, or puck control, becomes easier, allowing us to monitor progress and contribute to player growth.

Q: Have you noticed a change in players' preparedness when you share practice plans in advance using CoachThem?

A: Yes, we try to share practice plans in advance, and players have become proactive about it. They want to be prepared and start on time, holding us accountable if the plan isn't posted when expected. It’s interesting how quickly players adapt to the system and enjoy being prepared for practice.

Q: Have your players provided feedback on using CoachThem?

A: When we started using it, they thought it was cool. They appreciate the clean and organized interface. Players notice details like drill titles and sometimes tease us if the descriptions are too long or if a drill is titled humorously. It creates more interaction between coaches and players, especially considering that many players, especially in the new pro league, are coaches themselves.

Q: Were there standout moments related to CoachThem that contributed to the success of the Olympic Games or games in general?

A: Using CoachThem since the 2020 era completely changed how we prepared for practice. The time saved in planning practice and the seamless transition to a virtual setting during the Olympics were invaluable. It provided a steady and familiar approach in high-pressure scenarios, ensuring controllable factors remained unchanged. CoachThem played a crucial role in maintaining consistency and aiding in the team’s success. The ability to coach virtually, collaborate seamlessly, and track player development has elevated coaching strategies. As players actively contribute to the coaching process, sharing insights and engaging with CoachThem, the platform emerges as a tool that enhances communication, preparation, and success.




Blog written by Kelsey Dold in collaboration with Kori Cheverie

January 26, 2024


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