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Ditch the Pen and Paper: Go Digital

Ditch the Pen and Paper: Go Digital

In the dynamic realm of sports coaching, having the right tools can make all the difference. That's where CoachThem steps in. Our innovative online coaching software isn't just a game-changer; it's a strategic ally for coaches across various sports disciplines. Whether you're focusing on hockey drills, soccer drills, or lacrosse drills, CoachThem provides the resources you need to take your coaching to the next level. Did you know that we also cater to associations? Get your organization on CoachThem and give your coaches a way to be organized! 


Why CoachThem?

CoachThem is a versatile online coaching platform designed to meet the diverse needs of coaches worldwide. From hockey to soccer to lacrosse, CoachThem offers an array of features tailored to streamline coaching workflows and enhance team performance.

  • Versatility: CoachThem caters to coaches across multiple sports disciplines, offering a comprehensive library of hockey drills, soccer drills, and lacrosse drills. Whether you're looking for youth hockey drills or advanced soccer drills, CoachThem has you covered. Did you know that our Marketplace has 2500+ drills with video?
  • Simple Drill and Plan Creation: With CoachThem, coaches can create drills with ease, fostering better understanding and engagement among players. Whether it's hockey practice plans or lacrosse skills development exercises, the platform's intuitive interface allows for seamless customization to match your team's needs. By ditching the pen and paper and creating drills online, you are able to stay organized all the while sharing with fellow coaches and teams via any device! 

How CoachThem Can Help Coaches:

  • Streamlined Planning: CoachThem streamlines the planning process, saving coaches valuable time and energy. With access to a vast library of soccer training drills, hockey practice plans, and lacrosse practice plans, coaches can design comprehensive training programs tailored to their team's specific needs.
  • Continued Learning: Coaching is an ongoing journey of learning and growth. CoachThem provides coaches with access to a vibrant community of peers, mentors, and experts, facilitating knowledge sharing and professional development. Check out our Teammates page for more information! 



CoachThem isn't just another online coaching platform; it's a strategic partner for coaches seeking to unlock their full potential. Whether you're focused on hockey, soccer, lacrosse, CoachThem offers the resources and support you need to succeed. Join the CoachThem community today and elevate your coaching game to new heights with cutting-edge sports coaching software.


Written by CoachThem Team

February 29, 2024



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