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Drills & Strategies with Pierre Allard

Drills & Strategies with Pierre Allard

We got to speak with Pierre Allard, the Assistant Coach for the Red Bull Munchen team in Munich, Germany, a position he has held for the past 3 years. Before joining Red Bull Munchen, Allard spent 11 years as the Sports Science Director for the Montreal Canadiens. With over 50 years of experience in hockey, both as a player and a coach, Allard brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Allards journey in sports began at a very young age. He remembers playing hockey outdoors during the winter months as long as he can remember. He joined a team early on and has been deeply involved in the sport ever since. Allard played professional hockey in Europe after completing his junior hockey in Canada before moving on to a decade-long professional career in both France and England.


Here are Allard's Top 3 Drills:


1. The Chip Chip Drill

Hockey Skills - The Chip Chip Drill

Focus: Movement and situational awareness

Description: This shooting drill, originally created by Don Jackson, emphasizes extensive movement on the ice and involves defensemen. Given the evolving dynamics of neutral zone play, the Chip Chip Drill encourages players to use the boards to create offensive patterns. Allard incorporates progressions in this drill throughout the season, gradually adding layers of difficulty as players become more comfortable. The drill is continuous, eliminating the need for whistles and allowing the coach to apply pressure, forcing players to advance the puck and react to various scenarios.


2. The Clem Drill

Hockey Skills - The Clem Drill

Focus: Tactical play and adaptability

Description: This drill starts with a two-on-two setup, involving two defensemen and two forwards, to stimulate an offensive zone scenario. Over time, layers are added, such as requiring forwards to chip the puck behind the defensemen to find space. When the coach blows the whistle, a new offensive three-on-two situation is initiated in the opposite direction, with the initial players backchecking to join the play. This drill can be customized based on the team’s system or the opponent’s strategy, making it a versatile and continuous exercise.


3. Four Stations Drill

Hockey Skills - Four Stations Drill

Focus: Conditioning and skill-specific training

Description: Designed for players returning from injury, this drill involves setting up four stations on the ice, each tailored to the player’s role. For example, a defensemen who frequently battles for pucks and engages in front-of-net play, would have drills that mimic these actions. Each station involves 15 seconds of intense activity, followed by 15 seconds of rest, creating a circuit that lasts 15-20 minutes. This interval training approach not only conditions players but also strengthens the specific skills they need. The final station often involves shooting under fatigue, simulating the pressure to perform accurately after long shifts.

Allards extensive background in hockey, both as a player and a coach, provides him with a unique perspective on the sport. His hockey skills drills focus on improving players’ skills, situational awareness, and conditioning, making him a valuable asset to the Red Bull Munchen team. Through his dedication and expertise, Allard continues to contribute to the development of hockey players and hockey practice at all levels.


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June 6, 2024


Written by Kelsey Dold 


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