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Hockey Calgary and CoachThem Join Forces for a New Partnership

Hockey Calgary and CoachThem Join Forces for a New Partnership

Hockey Calgary, the primary governing body of minor hockey in Calgary, is joining forces with CoachThem! Our strategic partnership aims to elevate the hockey experience for players, coaches, and hockey enthusiasts. Managing Hockey Calgary’s operations are Jamie, Director of Hockey Operations, and Zack, Coordinator of Hockey Development. With Jamie’s impressive 6 year tenure and Zack’s recent addition to the team in July 2023, their combined expertise forms a solid foundation for this new partnership.


“Hockey is everyone’s game. We are dedicated to growing the game

of hockey for everyone, allowing anyone to play, participate, and

enjoy the best game in the world.”

- Jamie Henry, Director of Hockey Operations


The catalyst for this collaboration stems from Hockey Calgary’s commitment to delivering an unmatched experience for its members, coaches, and players. Seeking a platform to optimize drill drawing, drill sharing, and practice planning, Hockey Calgary discovered a perfect partner in us. Jamie and Zack emphasize the significance of this partnership in enhancing the coaching experience, making practice planning more accessible, and ultimately contributing to the positive development of players.

With a clear vision in mind, Hockey Calgary aspires to see all coaches in Calgary utilizing our platform; fostering an environment where coaches can share their best drills. The goal is to create an ideal development plan, positioning Hockey Calgary as a leading governing body not only in Calgary but across Canada. Jamie and Zack bring a wealth of experience with over 20 years of combined coaching expertise. Their passion for the game and dedication to growing hockey in Calgary have already produced impressive results in player engagement over the past few seasons.


"Hockey Calgary has been very focused on coach development as a

means to better the overall experience for our players and coaches.

CoachThem provides a developmental  tool that allows our coaches

to learn, share, collaborate and improve the practice

environment for their players."

-Zack Finlay, Coordinator - Hockey Development


The essence of our partnership is perfectly captured by this quote; a shared commitment to fostering inclusivity, excellence, and the continued growth of hockey in Calgary and beyond. As the collaboration unfolds, the hockey community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that Hockey Calgary and CoachThem will undoubtedly bring to the table.

Hockey Calgary 

Established in 1949, Hockey Calgary, a branch of Hockey Alberta, has been a core element in Calgary’s hockey landscape and oversees all facets of minor hockey. From Timbits to Junior, Hockey Calgary caters to ages 5 to 21. As the largest minor hockey association in Alberta and one of the fastest-growing in North America, Hockey Calgary has 19 member associations, comprising over 13,000 players, 3,700 coaches, 1,200 officials, and many dedicated volunteers. The association’s overreaching mission is to provide a positive youth sporting experience through hockey, engaging and leading its volunteer-driven membership.


CoachThem is a web-based coaching platform for creating digital drills for a simple, fast, organized practice plan. As the platform continues to evolve with 25k coaches in three spots, 650k drills created by coaches, 15 NHL teams and well over 250+ associations, CoachThem is driven by innovation, simplicity, teamwork and their commitment to customers.


November 30, 2023

Written by Kelsey Dold in collaboration with Hockey Calgary 


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