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Spice Up Your Practice: The Power of 1 vs 1 Drills!

Spice Up Your Practice: The Power of 1 vs 1 Drills!

Reconnecting with Jeremy Weiss, the creator of Weiss Tech Hockey, we'll delve into a selection of time-tested 1 vs 1 hockey training drills curated by Jeremy himself. These drills guarantee to inject excitement and elevate skill levels during your practice sessions. Brace yourself to unleash your players' potential with these dynamic and effective exercises!

Here are his Top Four 1 vs 1 Drills:


Force vs Contain 1v1, 2v2, Net-Front Battle


This is a great drill to work on a variety of 1v1 situations. It develops read and react skills for 1v1 and 2v2 situations within the defensive zone. It also provides opportunities to battle for positioning in front of the net. 


Full Ice - Hadden 1v1


1 vs 1 Hockey - Full Ice Hadden 1v1


An excellent drill to work on the conventional 1v1 situation where a defenseman closes the gap, then manages the gap against an attacking forward. The forward and defenseman should both be competing to control the lane to the net. 

Figure 8 Race


1 vs 1 Hockey - Figure 8 Race


A fun drill to develop power turns and racing to control the lane to the puck. It is quick paced, so you can work through the line quickly. It's also adaptable for smaller space situations. 

D to D Stretch Pass


1 vs 1 Hockey - D to D Stretch Pass


A great drill that makes full use of the ice. It involved many of the patterns and skills players will need to use in games such as passing, timing, and breakout formations. It starts as a 1v0, but can be converted to a 1v1 once the players are ready to beef it up. 


Jeremy elaborated on the versatility of 1 vs 1 drills, noting that these 1 vs 1 drills can encompass a variety of scenarios, from foot races to net-front battles, or even the classic Forward vs Defenseman attack situation. Whether you choose to run them as full-ice drills or modify them to fit a smaller space, these hockey skills development exercises are sure to elevate your players' game and keep them engaged in the training process.

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Written by CoachThem Team in collaboration with Jeremy Weiss 

February 2, 2024


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