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Training Camp Chronicles with Mitch Giguere: Part Three

Training Camp Chronicles with Mitch Giguere: Part Three

Here we go, part 3 of the Training Camp 2023 from the professional league.


1. Training Camp 2023 - All Around Passing Drill



You probably have done over a thousand variations of this drill as a coach for this activation. It gets your players going by building speed and having a lot of touches with the puck. The hardest part is the last pass. A flat pass with a player coming up from the opposite side needs not only precision, but great timing.


2. Training Camp 2023 - Breakout and OZP



As a coach, you can either do the token pressure or send one player instead. The coach will spot a puck in the corner, and 5 players come for a breakout. You can work on different breakouts or let the players call it. You build speed in the neutral zone with your forwards and you ask them to make a play before the dots. From there, you can start working on your offensive zone concept. The coach will spot another puck in the zone that will activate the 5 players.


3. Training Camp 2023 - Breakouts off a Rim to Dot



Nothing is more important in today’s game than the board game. You control the puck on the wall, but how quickly can you escape and make a pass of it? It’s not only good for the breakouts but also for the offensive zone or anytime you are under pressure on the wall. 4 repetitions to get better with the puck.


4. Training Camp 2023 - Catch and Release with Obstacles


This is a more standing-still drill to work on skills. You can work with three players at a time and anywhere on the ice. Both players on the outside work on saucing the puck, while the middle player works on catching and releasing.


5. Training Camp 2023 - Catch and Release, Standing Still


Nothing is more crucial in a game than quickly catching and releasing the puck. Based on the Royal Road, you have 0.5 seconds or less to shoot when the puck hits your blade to increase your chance to score against a goalie. Working on 4 different spots on the ice will increase your ability to get better at shooting from different ranges.


6. Training Camp 2023 - Double Transition


This was one of my favourite drills last year. A lot of timing, puck touches, and players involved. Coordinating they play with 4 defensemen simultaneously, along with ensuring that the forwards time their return and position themselves effectively at the offensive blue line. You are working on your transition and have the position of your D.


7. Training Camp 2023 - OZP + Transition for Rush


With a coach doing token pressure. D has to pick up a hard release and find the shooting lane. In front of the net, you have D2, who will try to tip the puck, and who will receive the 2v1 after. After the D1 shoot, he will have to hustle back and pick up a puck in the neutral zone for a transition while two forwards are coming back for a transition. From there, they attack 2v1. The offensive D is the net front player and receives the 2v1.


8. Training Camp 2023 - Rims Below the Goal Line


Your D is under pressure on the blue line and the only option is to use a rim. That is the perfect drill for your forwards. Receiving a rim and making a play out of it on the strong side. The next rep is how to use the back of the net to change the point of attack.


9. Training Camp 2023 - Systems Defending 3 vs 2 Low


More and more teams have started using 3 players in the high or low zone. The Montreal Canadian in this drill teaches how to defend the 3v2 low.


10. Training Camp 2023 - Systems Defending F3 High


On the opposite side of the previous drill. Teams have started using, even us with Wheeling, more the high ice. Not only with F1, who climbs the wall, but F3, who goes between are D. The Habs have a drill for you.

I hope you enjoyed this third part of the Training Camp 2023 Drills! Stay tuned for the last and final part coming soon!


April 11, 2024

Blog by CoachThem Contributor, Mitch Giguere (Edited by Kelsey Dold)


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